August 14th, 2014

holy smoak

(Rev. Sam's drinking yr BABY LEMONADE)

Mrs Doubtfire = Kramer vs Kramer + Tootsie?

ALSO: in 1977 Robert Evans wanted Dustin Hoffman to play Popeye, a film that NILSSON ended up writing songs for.
.. roundabout the same time, he wrote a musical ('Zapata'), which was produced and directed by BERT CONVY.
Nilsson gets a ton of shit for havingdone more coke than Robin Williams, Robert Evans, and KELSEY GRAMMER even, but he gave us some good songs too / like this composition from the Monkees Movee HEAD :

The Free-Lance Pallbearers (1967)
"Aw man, quit shuking," said one man, raising himself from a cot in the middle of the auditorium. "We've been waiting here for two weeks now and the kat hasn't come back and all you do is throw a whole lot of empty lemonade at people. Now if he doesn't come back soon we're going to take things into our own hands."
"Have patience, my friends," M/Neighbor said. "I tell you what I'm going to do. How would you like to meet a real live ghost? A man who spooked Rutherford Birchard Hayes's biography and is gung ho about the lawd."
"Awwwwwwww ain't that commendable," said some of the ol sisters. The water pitcher rattled as the first poltergeist to integrate Cornpone University walked toward the lectern. But having no time for a matinee I ran down the aisle and jumped to the platform, wrestling the microphone from his hand.
Never one good at diplomacy, I blurted, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, SAM'S EATING YOUR CHILDREN." The audience gasped. "I mean, I mean ..." (thinking of how brutal the language was), "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, SAM HAS A RARE DELICACY YOU OUGHT TO KNOW ABOUT."