January 21st, 2015

holy smoak

10th and Euclid (Young an' Bruno Nolan ..)

- PH, 1962
Three minutes later, he was talking to the former Mrs. Forester in New York. From her he learned that Robert was still in Langley and still working for Langley Aeronautics.
"He told me he was leaving town," Greg said. "Did he tell you he was staying on in Langley?"
"No, but that's my guess. He was in New York a few weeks ago to sign the divorce papers, but I didn't see him. My lawyer didn't say anything about his moving," she said languidly. She had said she was in bed, but that she hadn't minded at all being awakened.
"You don't know where he lives in Langley, do you? He changed his phone number and they won't give it out."
"I haven't the foggiest and I couldn't care less," she said, blowing smoke into the telephone. "But the situation interests me. Absolutely typical of something Robert would get himself into. A sloppy, sneaky love affair."
"Well, I hope it hasn't gone that far. I love that girl. If I get my hands on that guy ... I know Jenny and she's got a crazy crush on him and - I don't know how to put it, but she's such a romantic kid. When she gets her mind made up about something -"
"He's a maniac. She'd better watch out."
"So you said. That's got me worried. And with him in Langley -"
"Listen, Greg, keep me posted, will you? And anything I can do to help I'll be glad to. O.K.?"

"Superpartners can only be created - or destroyed - in pairs"