February 28th, 2015

holy smoak

Saint Dominic's Preview (1972)


1. Jackie Wilson Said
2. Gypsy 02:55
3. I Will Be There 07:30
4. Listen To The Lion 10:28
5. Saint Dominic's Preview 21:30
6. Redwood Tree 27:51
7. Almost Independence Day 30:51

Jack W Thomas


Candido, "Soul Limbo" (Blue Note)
Mighty Sparrow, "She's Been Gone Much too Long" (Wand)
The Chantells, "Why Won't You Say (What You Want)" (Soul Kitchen)
Patti Drew, "Fever" (Stateside)
Little Caesar and The Romans, "Fever" (Del-Fi)
Little Willie John, "I'm Shakin'" (King)
John Lee Hooker, "Shake it Up and Go" (Galaxy)
Nappy Brown, "Coal Miner" (Savoy)
Noble Watts, "Teen-Scene" (Clamike)
Barbara McNair, "He's a King" (Signature)
Jeanette B. Washington, "Medicine Man" (Neptune)
Joya Landis, "Let the Music Play" (Cool Soul)
Leola and The Lovejoys,"Wait 'Round the Corner" (Tiger)
Mitty Collier, "My Babe" (Chess)
Billy Duke, "Timbuctu" (20th Fox)
Ernie Shelby, "Summertime" (Melic)
The Strangers featuring Richard Pitts, "Night Winds" (Warner Bros.)
Buckner Brothers, "A Change is Gonna Come" (Sanla)
Tommy Butler, "Right on Up to the Weekend" (Chattahoochee)
Willie Hutch, "Can't Fight the Power" (Soul City)
Nick Ashford, "I Don't Need no Doctor" (Verve)
The Sweets, "Mama Saw Me" (Valiant)
The Starlets, "Loving You is Something New" (Chess)

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