November 3rd, 2019

holy smoak


.. i wasn’t reminded each day by way of the e-lectronic sign off 581 .. or on Oct. 1st by WUVT’s Amy Splitt. and the fact that I saw John Prine twice long ago is all the more reason I shoulda been on the case this time. in any case I *suspect* that would’ve been the place to be yesterday evening / whole other timeline unfolding (but thanks to WROE for their afternoon Prineathon, hey ..)
Grace Ella Hammond

*screen door* EDIT (w/ yr host Dr. Memree)
.. hit was the Late 80s with Arlo Guthrie - who stalked the stage carrying a harpoon / he and Prine were switching off the opening slot throughout the tour, which is gracious as fuck on both men’s part if you ask me / and THEN the mid-90s with Victoria Williams (who was joined on stage by a big ol’ sleepy hound). this Prine appearance was remarkable for both a low-key solo set and then a set of sometimes newer songs with full-blown band, hey !