February 4th, 2020

Patty Ess

cf. Warehouse scene : Delany's DHALGREN

Legend has it that members of Black Twigs first played amongst dusted carousel ponies warehoused by an abandoned fairground. The truth - as always - is more omplex, less 'Live at Pompeii.' These days the band is known best as the core trio of Mike Gangloff, Isak Howell, and Nathan Bowles .. or "GHB" for short. We will offer some brief meditations on this contemporary phenomenon of ancient music with the stand-up rock beat (presently tapped out by Nathan B's feed store, bass player shoes) ! .. but without further t'do, I give you .. the Black Twig Pickers.
Grace Ella Hammond
("Turn of the Sgroo" im.proved ')
"In our Logic class this year, we are doing lying exercises of the second degree. We are also studying first-degree lying with two unknowns. And sometimes, we lie in harmony. It's very exciting. In the advanced class, the girls do second-degree ling, with two unknowns, and lying of the third degree. That must be hard. I can't wait till next year."

National Institute of Tape Recorders
I was not, he claimed, a real woman, but only a highly sophisticated electronic robot built by a certain Dr. Morgan. Dr. Morgan was now subjecting me to various experiments in order to test my performance. He was putting me through a series of tests, while having me watched by agents in his employ, placed everywhere along my way, some of whom, themselves, would be nothing but robots as well ..

The Sailors say Brandy ..
"When she heard of her lover's tragic end, she committed suicide, by eating a mass-producted pizza."