Nation of Tire Sale (tdaschel) wrote,
Nation of Tire Sale

Why Do They Hate Civilization?

.. word on the street is that confederates of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq terror cult and operatives for terrorist media financier Alwaleed bin Talal will be meeting in the City of New York, Monday Dec. 3rd 2012 @ 7 pm.
Where? 768 5th Ave. Why? to plot destruction, naturally. We have been unable to determine what code-phrase will be used to gain admission to the Plotters' Ball. "Dan Quayle's brain" is rather too obvious. "Midge Decter's penis" perhaps?

(with many stories)
We were in the midst of the recording sessions for what would turn into the album, and I whipped out my esraj for the first time in a few years. Down in the spare strings and old flyers and other debris that had accumulated in the case, I found a note from Jack Rose listing a scale he'd wanted us to work on ..

that re.mines me of a little song
"Jack Rose and that string band are playing a party house in the NRV."
"You can go if you want to."
"I thought you might be interested."
"Giants game .. Eli is so dreamy. but, really, we can drink here."
"No, I want to hear music."
[flashfwD to porch *smoak break* scene, Town of Blacksburg ..)

Effigy, the new LP by PELT (MIE Music, 2012)
a review? weeell, i don't know anybody can afford it, but in the meanwhile, here's something you'll really like !

.. while every schoolchild knows Terry Riley was a John Cale collaborator (his name is on the package, duh f*cking duh..), less obvious is Little Feat, the rock band that appeared as Ghost Uncredited on Cale party tape Paris 1919 (1973). we would enjoy to have a "look/see" at 1981 (double) album release Hoy-Hoy!. posthumous to Lowell George, the set is a hodge-podge of cross-career of the (mainly) live and unreleased. in addition to the (minority) frankly weak-shit, we find George functioning in the Constellation of th' Wolf on "Forty-Four Blues." "Strawberry Flats," "Over the Edge" and "Two Trains" are likewise very fine. the star, though, has t'be "The Fan" (a different performance of which exists here). Marie, Marie, hold on tight / it's not enough to say "He was (only?) a Mother" / he was more. ..ennyhoo, Lowell died never.knowing why he only sold a fraction of the records THE DOOBIES did / and, yes, that's Michael McDonald singing back.up on "Red Streamliner" (hmm: "if we put McDonald on the album, mebbe we'll have the next 'Bad Sneakers'!"). *still*, that'un isn't bad either. you want to know bad? Bill Payne's theme of Chico and the Man ! ***3/4

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