Nation of Tire Sale (tdaschel) wrote,
Nation of Tire Sale

Cteh splice -(tape splice)

Book 1: Lara Heraclitus holds down the fort at Rampart General Hospital while juggling an intense social life that includes such "light matter" as Gage and DeSoto .. as well as an unrequited full-on crush (Dr. Joe Early !).

Book 2: Young Karen Flapp makes the leap from publishing the Svoo Laundrymen comic out of her basement to writing scripts in HOLLYWOOD (the Gen. Aldo vehicle Movin' On, fer starters ..)

Book 3: { Cinéma III: L'image-ennui }

Vol. 4: aka Untitled, aka "roons" / sits inna Laurel Canyon window-frame between .. Jay Stevens' Storming Heaven and Orwell's Homage to Catalonia, which is *something* (i guess.

With the help of the military, Sanders reaches Mont Royal. The deserted town is in the midst of a transformed forest in which "the crystalline trees / are / hanging like icons in / those / luminous caverns, the jewelled casements of the leaves overhead, fused into a lattice of prisms... the birds and crocodiles frozen into grotesque postures like heraldic beasts carved from jade and quartz" (p. 83).

In part two, Sanders meets up with Ventress once more, this time in a strange deserted house, within the forest, that belongs to Thorensen, a local mine-owner. Both Ventress and Thorensen roam through this crystal world in acting out their death feud, a feud in which Sanders is at times a decoy.

(Mason Ja')
“John Bacon Satterfield is also related to Anne Satterfield, who is 208 years old and lives in Richmond, VA.” .. okay, sure! Vampire kin is going t’be a deal-maker for some / for others the vampire thing will be merely tolerated – along with other nocturnal, back-steps avocations – just to take a closer walk with a Congressman’s son. .. by the same token, a Subject’s Presbyterianism can be offset by hiz proximity to urine-screen friendly Indole & Friends.

I live in a small mountain near Central Louisiana. I have always been a free spirit and since is long as I can remember everyone always called me O. Aces. Obviously, through high school, that wasn't necessarily a good thing! At the time, I did not embrace that term. Although I lived evruh color of the raynobw - from cool ranch to bleu cheese - I have settled down to my Tennessee mountain home in Central Louisiana with a down payment on untraceable splices (you'll know which!)

( I’ve always loved spring time, the passing of winter
The green of the new leaves and life goin’ on

ps/ "Come play with us, Danny
.. forever and ever .."
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