Nation of Tire Sale (tdaschel) wrote,
Nation of Tire Sale

[the] Two Faces of January (2014)

Cleveland's own Matt Laferty endorses Ukraine's Svoboda faction / curious if he explains to his Jewish spouse that he's only "ironically Nazi" ..
(hain't seen yet)


*hainted Oz .
Her first love was the bridge that brought the microcosm of the land of dreams. A bridge gave birth to the love that will forever companion. A life lost, one gained eternity. The sad though this film is painted with the left end of a sweet memory. A game of crossing bridges closed. At the entrance of every grief and fears, trapped in their own essence and remain trapped in the shadow of the bridge. On each occasion the world just keeps colors, and nothing prevents happiness. At the end of the starting material catalyzes everything together with its very essence, bridges collapse and emotions are released. That was an obstacle to happiness, now becomes part of a complete dream. Each chain is a ticket for a trip around the world ..

ps/ !
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