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Angel Carver Blues/EC-P1

1) Trade secrets and "proprietary information" (including inventions, special processes, marketing information, surveys, analyses, and financial data ..)

As early as 1955, Spindel was experimenting with the use of lasers to record conversations by "reading" the vibrations on windowpanes: a few years later he was using the same technology to make visual recordings.

(Infinite Jest meets the Gemstone File?)
"It wouldn't have been the first time that the future Chief Justice was linked to improprieties at the Justice Department. During his tenure as head of the Civil Division, he apparently participated in the legal cover-up that resulted when a tennis pro, hospitalized for depression in New York, was poisoned with a mescaline derivative in a secret Army experiment conducted without his knowledge or consent. It was Burger's signature on the letter to the man's survivors, masking details of the athlete's death, and preparing the way for a pitiful (and entirely unjust) settlement .."

Passive bugs don't need batteries, wires, telephones or transmitters. As a result, they are nearly impossible to detect. A bizarre variation on the theme is the toilet-bowl bug, proposed by the late Bernard Spindel, a master eavesdropper of the 1950's and 1960's whose career included more than 200 arrests or indictments for illegal snooping. Using Spindel's system, a spy on the roof of a building would place a microphone inside the air-vent pipe leading to the target toilet. Since the surface of the water in a toilet vibrates like a diaphragm in response to nearby voices, and since water is such an excellent conductor of sound, the voices would be carried up the pipe to the microphone.

Kotex Romney Slang: y rhan gyntaf
"It would be a simple matter to provide the Old Man with day-old copies of the Las Vegas Sun, day-old video tapes of Las Vegas television shows, and so on. I'm not saying this has happened. I doubt that anything so elaborate would be necessary. Howard Hughes could be in a hotel room on Mars, and so long as the television worked and the news came from Vegas, he'd have no reason to suspect that he was anywhere other than nine floors above the Strip. You have to realize, the Mormons controlled every input and output involving the Old Man. He never looked out the window. Time was meaningless."

/ that it's *possible* that both the "Clifford Irving scandal" (1972) and "the Gemstone File" (1975) were cooked up by those who kidnapped Hughes in 1970 (Intertel & the so-called Mormon Mafia), firing Bob Maheu. Why? to obfuscate, to confuse ..
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