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(an opinion piece by Manny Theiner,
Western PA's most ruthless music promoter
[Aug 31st, 2007 @ 1:40 pm])

it's not a 'standard price' for cupcakes unless you are a foodie, a richie or a fatso. cupcakes are 75 cents at Giant Eagle and still around a dollar at Simple Treat (and that's even with the kosher ripoff included). i'm sure they are the same at the bakeries in Bloomfield. And then for a dumbass profile on On Q to actually quote someone who LIVES in Sq Hill saying something to effect of 'before Dozen, there was no place to get a cupcake' when obviously both Giant Eagle and the bakery have been there since the dawn of time, serving perfectly edible cupcakes (I remember all the way back to when it was Silberberg's) is asinine.

and anyway alberto's right in a way, it's not about who the hell EATS a cupcake - we all do - it's about who the hell BUYS a cupcake, ever? i have news for you: cupcakes are just small cakes, period. you eat enough free cake running into people's random parties/celebrations. you don't buy them - the person holding the celebration, whatever it is, buys them in boxes, and then you eat one or two. i mean, i've had baked sweets 4 times in the past month, at two birthday parties, and two bar mitzvahs. cake is not a fucking food staple, it's a treat. why would you consciously go out and buy a single cupcake on a regular basis for yourself unless you had some kind of serious food=love problem or Marie Antoinette complex? this exploitative market seems to take advantage of the kind of blubbery depressives you see on talk shows. and that's garbage.

Grace Ella Hammond
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