Nation of Tire Sale (tdaschel) wrote,
Nation of Tire Sale


[ April musta heard a *story* from lawd-knows-hoo / i .. filled in the blanks while pumping up the tailstand. STILL i regret referring to her as "Hydration Barbie" to Flipper Kowalski : now he won't stop saying it ! / MEANWHILE, Glass had his Nintendo Switch out: "wotcha playin, Glass?" / "i'm tending a walnut crop on a distant planet," and so on and so-forth ..]

"He was a nice man. After dinner, he walked me up all six flights of the place where I was living. 'It's been so long since I've seen a girl's apartment,' he said. After a while, there was one of those awkward, off-romantic moments. 'It's not my age, is it?' he said, earnestly. He was seventy-four. 'No, no,' I said, 'I guess I'm just neurotic.' That seemed all right. We became friends. At one point, he thought I might be the girl for his son, another film producer. It was awkward for the son and me, at Trader Vic's, trying to be a generation. The son said he had three files of projects: one marked A through Z; one A prime through Z prime; and one marked Miscellaneous .."

.hex thistle. Grace Ella Hammond
is a Thomasson a Jimmy Stewart of architecture? asking for a (Hello twenty fifteen!) FRED ..

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