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tdaschel's Journal

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Nation of Tire Sale
For the exchange and possibilities of INFORMATION (methodologies, strategies, theories, lies).

Your lists (11-20) are welcome as well. If you feel absolutely compelled to manufacture a T_p T_n, you may link back to your personal site. But, honestly, the information you're *trooly* sikhing begins at eleven / ends soonafter...

"and reality is nothing more than one long propaganda film .." - Ptey Levenda

(Amanda, did you choose your tune?)

Vintage Audio

( banned by our Saudi overlords ..)
12 religions before lunch, 5th floor rummy, a frisson of koalas, al-manar, anti communitarian league, asia times online, bakunin, biigger baader meinhof phenomenon, billy catfish, billy jack, butt and taff, carol m swain, charles fort, cheap merlot, denmarkvesey, diaspora vaudeville, dictionary of the khazars, dropping, ebsk, edith frost, fair play for persia, framing earl bramblett, fuck a $2.50 cupcake, gone to croatan, green and magenta, greenladies, greg hallett and spymaster, greil marcus retard farm, harry potter motherfucker, harry potter's magic scarf, harun yahya, hasbara in america y'all, hezbollah too, isa bey camii, jay dyer nicene truth, john aloysius fahey, justin raimondo, justine shade's magic cloak, kapiti mount hector, krasnaya palatka, kropotkin, lana corrine cantrell, life-inspiring life-destroying primeval pie-movers, liverpool fc, lonesome tumblers, manny theiner, maria beatty, marmot philosophy to live, marshall mcluhan, mary hartman mary hartman, mary sue terry, mechanics magazines, mel lyman, michelle tea parties, moshiach awareness, neil michael hagerty, not mechanics magazines, p for piñata, paracanonical 1977 best actress, patty schnyder, pittsburgh, prairie primitives, remember the maine already, roanoke dirt music, run ethics, saving private language, second khazar-arab war, sephardim, shmoopieland 3.0, sivan kurzberg, softpanorama, special agent melvin lattimore, standard oil of auschwitz, stuffing, suthiern shia, tatra motorcars, th'mind has no firewall, the national pep, the persian council, the psychic soviet, the uss akron, tia dolores' malice cloak, tim earnshaw, tom wilson producer, tweaking roy storey, ulster detritus, v=k/m, vanessa (niwi) rossetto, who is ioz?, win ben stein's shoes, witkiewicz, wittgenstein, wyndham lewis, yezidi wonka, Сокирка Тереза

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